Vipassana retreat, Slovakia, July 26 - August 2, 2016

The retreat is fully booked. If you want to be placed on the waiting list, then send an email to

Intensive Vipassana retreat @ Javorie Meditation Center near Zvolen, Slovakia, Tuesday 26 July — Tuesday 2 August, 2016 (7 days).

Theme Relaxation & resilience

Teachers. Henk Barendregt, assisted by Mirjam Hartkamp.

Languages. English and Dutch (instructions, Dhamma talks and interviews); in case there is a need for at least six persons also Italian.

Vipassana Meditation or insight meditation is the training of continuous friendly attention towards phenomena in mind and body; mindfulness. Through this attention we gain mental and behavioural flexibility. Choices, including important ones, are often made in a split second. With built up concentration and mindfulness we may consciously observe these moments unfolding. As a consequence our insight and freedom grows, while learning to cope with the ever changing nature of things (anicca) in life in a peaceful manner. Thus slowly but surely working towards the threefold peace, with ourselves, with others and with the world. Although meditation is often seen as a life long path, during an intensive retreat, one can make great progress.
The teachings are in the tradition of ven. Mahasi Sayadaw and include alternating walking and sitting meditation sessions of 45 minutes, evening dhammatalks and daily individual interviews. Please visit this page, for a more detailed description of the theoretical background as taught by Henk Barendregt in the context of an introduction course in Rome in 2011, in collaboration with Sapienza University of Rome.

Accommodation. Javorie offers two types of accommodation. In the main building, most rooms rooms in the main building have a bathroom ensuit (shower + toilet; following availability). In addition Javorie offers kutis (traditional mediations huts) kutis, with shared facilities located outside the kutis.

Price. €295 per person for 7 days (private room if still available, or else a shared - double - room)..
For participants from the Czech Republic and Slovakia a different price may apply (€210 per person - shared rooms - limited availability).
Prices include lodging and vegetarian meals. Payment information. Travelling (costs) need to be arranged by the participants themselves.

Dana. The retreat fee covers the accommodation (full board). The teachings are, consistent with the traditions, considered priceless and freely offered out of generosity.
At the end of the retreat participants will be given the traditional opportunity of practicing dana (generosity) towards the teachers and Javorie.

Registration. Please kindly register by filling in and submitting this form You will soon be contacted. Your registration will be completed after you have received the teachers confirmation and the registration fee has been paid. Please note that because of the intensive nature of the retreat, prior experience (e.g. introductory course) is recommended.

Other practicalities.
What to bring. Meditation mats, cushions and benches are generously provided by Javorie. More detailed information on what to bring will follow.
Travel. Nearest airport: Bratislava (alternatives: Vienna or Budapest) to be organised by participants.
Transfer from and to the airport can be arranged, provided a minimum of yogis that wish to make use of such a transfer. Directions can be found here (English and Slovak).
Arrival and departure. Start: Tuesday 26 July at 19:00 (or earlier) with registration and an evening meal at 19:30. End: Tuesday 2 August at 13:30.
Five living advices. In line with the tradition, we advise yogis to observe the following guidelines for the duration of the retreat: adopting a respectful attitude towards life, towards other's possessions, towards sexuality ( a friendly a-sexual attitude in behaviour and dress), and towards speech (during the retreat there is noble silence), abstaining from alcohol, tobacco and drugs (medicines excepted; coffee is allowed). Internet, smartphone, reading, and music are not allowed. Writing is allowed to make notes during Dhamma talks and interviews.

Organisation. Thanos Retreats