Mirjam Hartkamp

Mirjam Hartkamp has been practicing Vipassana meditation intensively since 2009 and is
currently teaching in the Mahasi Sayadaw tradition under supervision of Henk Barendregt.

Mirjam has a background in Art / Integrative Therapies, [Western / Eastern] philosophy and
(politcal) decision making processes. Since 2011, she has been an active boardmember of the
Dutch Insight Meditation Foundation (SIM) that aims to further the knowledge and practice
of insight meditation. Mirjam is full-heartedly committed to the investigation of the Dhamma on a personal
level (meditation practice / study), interpersonal level (teaching and counselling), and impersonal
level (scientific research), with the aim to deepen our knowledge of overcoming and going beyond
ourselves towards freedom, while cultivating sustained compassionate happiness.